Blooming Teapot

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Blooming Teapot

blooming teapot

Blooming Teapot

If you are a tea lover, a blooming teapot may be a beautiful, better, and more delicious change from your standard tea bags. Blooming teas are delicious and because they are created from a variety of different herbs they are often better for you than standard teas.

There are a range of different teas which are used to make up blooming teas. It does not matter whether you prefer to drink a green tea or a black tea, both are available in tea blooms in a blooming tea pot. They are delicate because they are sewn together by hand and creating them is an art form.

blooming tea pot

Blooming Teapot On Stove

When you first look at a blooming tea, it may not seem overly spectacular. A blooming tea looks like a small lump of dried leaves that have been stitched together. All of the amazing color and flavor are safely tucked away in the center of the tea ball and placed at the bottom f the blooming teapot.

A tea bloom is brewed within a blooming teapot by placing it into hot water in a blooming teapot. The exact temperature of the water will depend on the kind of tea being used to make the bloom. Often green teas are steeped at a lower water temperature than a black tea.

You need a blooming teapot for many other teas!  Blooming teas have more in their favor than just a beautiful appearance. Other than a blooming tea, there are only tea bags and loose leaf teas.

While these are excellent ways to brew and enjoy tea, with a blooming teapot, there are disadvantages to both of these methods that blooming teas do not have. Tea bags are the most common and are easier to store, prepare and purchase than loose leaf teas, brewed with a blooming teapot, but there are some taste drawbacks.

A loose leaf tea is generally more flavorful than a bagged tea but many people find it impossible to keep all of the leaf particles from getting into your drink. Unless, of course, you purchase a blooming teapot. With a tea bloom, the water can circulate around each of the leaves but the stitching will keep them in place and out of your mug.

Enjoy your own Blooming Tea Pot

Enjoy a Blooming Teapot

If you are someone who is nervous about the effects of toxins you may not be interested in using standard tea bags. They are often made of bleached paper and some people feel that they are not willing to use standard tea bags. Unbleached paper bags can be more expensive and difficult to find, so a blooming tea may be a great way to enjoy a perfect cup of tea when brewed in a blooming teapot.

If you love color, a blooming tea pot and blooming teas can deliver this as well as amazing taste. This is because, at the heart of the bloom, there is a flower blossom. Some blooms may contain more than one flower or may also use several different herbs to add flavor and health benefits as well.

To truly enjoy this process you should consider brewing it in a clear glass container, or a blooming tea pot. Plastic is not a good choice for tea since it can alter the taste and heated plastic may leach toxic chemicals.

If you want to experience a truly unique event, try brewing a blooming tea in a blooming teapot. No two are alike and you will be amazed at the flavor of the tea and the beauty of the ball used to create it.

blooming tea pot

Fully Blooming Teapot

Blooming Teapot

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