Wedding Gifts Hand Made of Flowers and Blooming Teas

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Wedding Gifts Hand Made of Flowers and Blooming Teas

blooming teas

Blooming Teas

What’s the word on this years hottest new wedding gifts? Well, tea lovers the world over are raving about blooming tea sets for wedding gifts. These are teas which have very different qualities and characteristics from the usual bagged or even loose leaf teas.  Just look at the beautiful flowering tea photo {above}!

Blooming teas often have health benefits that other teas do not since they usually include herbs and flowers, which are uncommon to standard teas.  There are a range of different tea types which are used to make up blooming flower teas. It does not matter whether you prefer to drink a green tea or a black tea, both are available in blooming teas. Because they are sewn together by hand and creating them is an art form, you’ll want to enjoy all 20 kinds!

Blooming teas are deceptively simple to look at with your first glance, but take a further look inside to see the hidden treasure. A dry bloom looks like nothing more than a small handful of leaves wrapped into a ball shape.  It’s a simple dry looking tea ball. But, like tea bags or loose leaf teas, it is placed in hot water to rehydrate the leaves and to bring out their flavor.  And, there’s a hidden flower inside waiting to bloom.

Blooming teas look beautiful as well as tasting wonderful. But, better than that, they’re good for you! This is because they include flowers and other beautiful herbs as part of the blooming teas. Flowers such as chrysanthemums are often added to the bloom for specific health benefits. They are more than just beautiful, they are good for your health too.

Loose leaf teas are great because the water can circulate around the leaves and provide a richer flavor in a shorter period of time. It is the same with blooming teas. Many people enjoy the ritual of preparing loose leaf tea: heating the water, measuring the tea into a strainer and allowing the water to flow through so the taste can develop and deepen.  Blooming teas give the same benefits of loose leaf teas, but without the loose leaves.  They’re all sewn together neatly!

Blooming teas have further benefits over bagged teas as well. The quality of the leaves used to make the blooms is of a much higher grade. And, tea bags use bleached paper, and this can cause toxic chemicals to leak into the tea during the brewing process. If you have tea which is steeped for a longer time, this can provide more time for toxins from paper bleach to leak into your drink.

Blooming teas are all natural whole tea leaves.  Also, they include flowers in addition to the tea leaves. This gives them unique flavors and helps contribute to their stunning appearance. And, the health benefits of flowering tea has been proven throughout the centuries.

If you would like to reuse, or re-brew, your blooming teas, they are able to be reused, although the number of times that a bloom can be re-brewed will depend very much on the kind of blooming teas you have selected, and the quality of the blooming tea manufacturing process.  Some Blooming Teas manufacturers offer Premium Blooms for this specific purpose.

Blooming teas are usually brewed in a clear glass teapot since this allows you to enjoy the look of the tea as well as its flavor. You should always choose a glass teapot that will not influence the flavor of the tea. A glass measuring cup can work, but it is not suggested, and may not keep the water warm enough to properly bring out the flavor.

Blooming teas can make a Wedding Favor and Blooming Tea Sets make a great Wedding Gift! They’re a wonderful drink and a great centerpiece too. Taking the time to enjoy blooming teas wonderful and ancient art form can be a fantastic new experience.

Blooming Teas

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Blooming Teas

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