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Blooming Flower Tea

Blooming Flower Tea

Tea lovers have found a new favorite!

Blooming Flower Tea

Blooming Flower Tea may be a beautiful and delicious change from standard tea bags.  And, consumers have cast their vote for their preference.  Blooming flower tea are delicious and because they are created from a variety of different green and silver needle teas with flowers and herbs.

Well, now we have seen a trend towards the new favorite.  Retail sales of Blooming flower tea is out selling most other teas for new tea drinkers. You may like black tea, green tea or white tea you will be pleased to know that they are all available in blooming flower tea!

But even though a blooming flower tea is made of similar leaves as bagged or loose leaf teas, they look very different. This is because they are hand sewn together for added durability and artistic value… creating them is truly an art form.  The Artisan must be trained for 2 years before he or she can make them.

A tea bloom is deceptively simple at first. A dry bloom looks like nothing more than a small handful of leaves wrapped into a ball shape. Like tea bags or loose leaf teas, it is placed in hot water to rehydrate the leaves and to bring out their flavor. Like regular teas, you need to keep an eye on the temperature of the water because a green tea will often require a lower brewing temperature than a black tea.

Loose leaf teas are great because the water can circulate around the leaves and provide a richer flavor in a shorter period of time. Many people enjoy the ritual of preparing loose leaf tea: heating the water, measuring the tea into a strainer and allowing the water to flow through so the taste can develop and deepen. Many people also hate the sensation of feeling a piece of loose tea leaf as they drink their tea.

There are advantages to drinking blooming teas rather than relying on conventional tea bags or loose teas. The main difference is that a blooming tea is often much lower in caffeine than a regular tea, although that does depend on the type of tea that is blooming. If you are interested in a delicious flavored tea but do not want to have caffeine you may want to look at a green blooming flower tea rather than one based on a black tea.

Standard tea bags are often made of bleached paper. You can find unbleached paper tea bags if you are worried about toxins leaching into your drink. However these can be hard to find and many people say that it can affect the flavor of the tea as well. A tea bloom can often help prevent you from getting parts of loose tea leaves into your cup which is something many tea drinkers appreciate.

Blooming flower tea also includes flowers in addition to the tea leaves. This gives them unique flavors and helps contribute to their stunning appearance. If they are properly taken care of, they are also able to be reused, although the number of times that a bloom can be re-brewed will depend very much on the kind of blooming flower tea you have selected.

Blooming flower tea is usually brewed in a clear teapot since this allows you to enjoy the look of the tea as well as its flavor. You should always choose a teapot that will not influence the flavor of the tea. A glass measuring cup can work but may not keep the water warm enough to properly bring out the flavor.

Drinking blooming flower tea can be a delight for the taste buds and the eyes. By taking the time to select a specific bloom you can enjoy different flavours and health benefits all in the same pot.

Blooming Flower Tea

If you would like to purchase some Blooming Flower Tea go to:

Blooming Flower Tea

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