Blooming Tea Gift Set

Blooming Tea Gift Set

Blooming Tea Gift Set

Blooming Tea Gift Set

A Blooming Tea Gift Set Makes Classy Presents for Loved Ones

Whether it’s finding the very best tea gifts for family, friends or business acquaintances, Blooming Tea Gift Set Shop has everything they would desire. These gifts are more for just holidays or birthday parties, they are perfect for anniversaries, weddings, family reunions or just hosting a social gathering in your home. Blooming Tea Gift Set Shop has a variety of gift items to choose from, from flowering tea sets to gorgeous tea baskets, there is always something big or small that you can find for that special friend or loved one.

Many customers choose gourmet tea gift baskets because they carry a variety of comforts that they can enjoy. These tea gifts are offered at reasonable prices and will pleasantly surprise your special someone. The products are fresh and high quality. All of the teas are handpicked and handcrafted in China, Taiwan, Japan or Hong Kong where the freshest Asian teas are never difficult to find. You can choose the style of your tea gift baskets that will fit the occasion spot on.

Tea gifts normally include a glass tea infuser, about a dozen premium blooming teas, a wonderful selection of Flower and Green teas, the Brewers Tea Guide for making the perfect cup of tea and many other gift items. What’s more perfect than getting a handy set of tea towels, tea timer to let you know when your tea is ready and a very large assortment of fine teas and treats to compliment such a wonderful basket. In addition, free shipping is available and these tea gift baskets normally ship the same day.

Many customers the glass tea sets because of the elegance and heat-resistance of the Borosilicate glass from which they are made. Glass tea pots are beautiful to behold because they carry the natural beauty of the tea inside and are an essential part of a Blooming Tea Gift Set. These glass tea pots and cups also keep the tea warm for longer periods of time allowing you to enjoy a cup of tea throughout the afternoon or evening.

Tea lovers enjoy drinking tea because it is a natural substance that comes from tea leaves and gives the body a chance to calm down. Many drink tea for its medicinal purposes because it helps ease the mind, stomach, nerves and many other parts of the body. So sending a tea basket or other tea set is a great way to show that you care for your loved one’s health and wellbeing.

In addition, Blooming Tea Gift Set Shop ensures that all healthy organic gourmet tea gifts arrive in timely fashion, are fully clear wrapped with ribbon and bow to stun your loved one. The most popular tea gift is the Premium Blooming Tea Gift Basket. It includes the glass teapot handmade from the Borosilicate glass but also holds a premium selection of healthy Oolong Teas, and a large assortment of delicious treats. Just one more tea gift idea you will find from Blooming Tea Gift Set Shop.  So what are you waiting for—the tea to get cold? Come over and start your own tea experience today with the many tea gifts we have to offer.


Wedding Tea Gifts
It is an art to prepare and deliver a good wedding gift and a good pot of tea! Blooming Flower Tea is just one of the many ways to celebrate a wedding with a gift that can be utilized as a part of your wedding. You can serve the blooming teas at the wedding celebration, and gift them as favours too.

Just take one peek at the flower in the cup and it’s asserting one thousand words of love!
A flowering tea set is a hand tied ball of tea leaves and flower blossoms. When hot water is poured over the bundle, the leaves expand and unfurl like an expanding flower. Many flower varieties make up the ingredients of the blooming tea.

These might include marigolds and hibiscus, carnations and roses, or exotic flowers like jasmine, lily, Osmanthus and Camelia Sinensis flower (the exact tea flower ). There’s explanation in Chinese history of the conventional uses of tea in wedding ceremonies.

Flowering Tea should be served or presented in a glass vessel, preferably a glass teapot, so you’ll see the unfurling action and experience the visually surprising time-lapse-like display. Typically, all of the tea balls are made from white tea, or silver needle tea, which does not turn as sour as a fermented tea would. Mostly, these teas have been known for their tea health benefits.

Specifically, the promotion of good skin. And, grouped with Lychee fruit, White tea has been well documented to provide great results against breast cancer. Blooming Flower Tea is also made with Green tea, which is well known for its’ health benefits.

Tea Wedding Favors make the best Wedding Favor and Blooming Teas make a great Wedding Gift! They’re a wonderful drink and a great centerpiece to enjoy on each table for you, your guests, and your Wedding Party.

Tea Wedding Favors

Want to find out more about Tea Wedding Favors?

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